Work / Research Experience

  • 2016.10 2016.5

    Visiting Ph.D. Student

    Aviz Team, INRIA, France

  • 2015.9 2015.6

    Research Intern

    Internet Graphic Group, Microsoft Research Asia

  • 2014.8 2013.10

    Research Assistant

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST

  • 2013.9 2013.7

    Software Engineer

    CODE Team and Movie Team, Douban

  • 2013.6 2013.2

    System Engineer Intern

    Platform and Development Team, eBay

  • 2012.10 2011.2

    Undergraduate Researcher

    Parallel Processing Institute, Fudan University


  • Ph.D.2014 - Present

    Ph.D. in Computer Science

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST

  • B.Eng.2009 - 2013

    Bachelor of Engineering

    Software School, Fudan University

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • 2016
    ACM SIGCHI Honorable Mention Award of Best Paper
    Granted to fewer than 5% of all the submitted papers at CHI'16.
  • 2016
    HKUST Overseas Research Award
    Granted to 10+ PhD candidates in the School of Engineering, HKUST.
  • 2015
    Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Nomination Award
    Granted to 10+ junior PhD students in Asia-Pacific.
  • 2015
    Microsoft Research Asia Stars of Tomorrow (Award of Excellence)
    Obtained during the internship at Microsoft Research Asia.
  • 2012
    Outstanding College Student of Fudan University
    Granted to 3 among 80+ students at Software School, Fudan University.
  • 2011
    Championship of IShamrock Software Design Competition
    Held by Fudan University and University College Dublin. More than 30 teams from Fudan University participated in this competition.
  • 2007
    First Prize in National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces
    A national algorithm competition, the first prizes are granted to top 3% students among 1000+ registers in Jilin Province, China.